by Mathew Yates


haven’t you seen the end times advancing?
there’s a storm on Venus, this can’t be good.

we are both so broken & so is the Moon,
to take the tide out without us in it.

have you seen your feed today? it’s so sad.
yeah, funny shit. oh, i’m almost done with this

season. just ignore what he says for now.
worry about shrinks & pills after you’re

insured. i’m sorry. i’m sorry. you
say you saw an article on how

depression is a thing with claws, you say
claws aren’t meant for the numb. haven’t you seen

the Sun unpossessing dusks & dawns?
haven’t you seen her floating off without us?



Mathew Yates (they/them) is a poet & artist from Paducah, Kentucky with roots in Mississippi & Appalachia. Their poetry & art can be found in Protean Mag, Screen Door Review, Malarkey Books, Barren Mag, & more. Matthew is on Twitter @m_yates and Etsy (

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